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Breast Cancer Discussions

Highlights From the 2013 Breast Cancer Meeting in San Antonio

  • Discussion 1: Neoadjuvant Therapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer

    Duke faculty members Kimberly L. Blackwell, MD, Rachel C. Blitzblau, MD, PhD, and Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH, review the results of the TRYPHAENA, NeoSphere, and Neo-ALTTO studies. They also discuss the implications of these findings for personalizing treatment options, both systemically as well as locally/regionally, based on the characteristics of individual patients and tumors.


  • Discussion 2: Locoregional Management of Breast Cancer

    Drs. Blackwell, Blitzblau, and Hwang discuss the results of several studies focused on stage IV disease, including the PRIME II study, which evaluated the omission of radiation in women undergoing lumpectomy for ER-positive disease. They close by exploring how these results may affect treatment strategies.


  • Discussion 3: Chemoprevention in Women Who Have High Risk of Breast Cancer

    Drs. Blackwell, Blitzblau, and Hwang explore the role of chemoprevention in helping women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer and discuss the barriers to implementing this strategy in routine practice, including identifying appropriate patients, overcoming cost-related factors, managing side effects, and counseling patients.