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Nephrology Discussions

Highlights From the 2013 Nephrology Meeting in Atlanta

  • Discussion 1: Chronic Kidney Disease

    Duke faculty members Thomas M. Coffman, MD, and John P. Middleton, MD, discuss the results and clinical impact of the NEPHRON-D study, which evaluated how a more complete blockade of the renin angiotensin system affects diabetic kidney disease. Drs. Coffman and Middleton also discuss recent studies that evaluate genetic markers associated with a particularly high risk of kidney complications.


  • Discussion 2: Dialysis

    Drs. Coffman and Middleton explore recent findings that may be applied to enhance the care of patients who are on dialysis, including results from studies investigating new methods for potassium and phosphate binding, potential new treatments for controlling serum potassium, and the use of beta blockers or ACE inhibitors for managing hypertension in patients on hemodialysis.


  • Discussion 3: Transplantation

    Drs. Coffman and Middleton review recent studies that suggest positive outcomes—and, therefore, new opportunities—to expand the kidney donor pool, as well as strategies for identifying patients who are highly sensitized.