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Oncology Discussions

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  • Surgical and Nonsurgical Approaches to NSCLC

    Jeffrey Crawford, MD, and Betty C. Tong, MD, MHS, discuss the case of an elderly female patient with lung cancer. How would you assess and manage this patient? Watch this case and join your colleagues in a discussion about multidisciplinary approaches to diagnosis, staging, and treatment.


  • Advances in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

    Cristina Gasparetto, MD, discusses two cases involving the treatment of multiple myeloma. How would you treat these patients? Watch this presentation and join your colleagues in a discussion about induction therapies, including autologous stem cell transplant, and the importance of cytogenetics in guiding treatment decisions.


  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors for Advanced Cancer

    April K. S. Salama, MD, discusses the case of a 74-year-old man who presents with back pain following successful surgical management of a high-risk melanoma of the scalp 2 years earlier. Imaging studies reveal pulmonary and vertebral lesions, and a biopsy confirms that they are positive for metastatic melanoma. How would you treat this patient? Watch the case and join your colleagues in a discussion about how immune checkpoint inhibitors may benefit this patient, as well as how to manage disease progression following initial therapy.