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Diagnose this
Endocrine impairment is a common manifestation of what disease shown here?

Test your diagnostic skills with this quiz

Dr. Modrich
Featured Physician
Paul Modrich, PhD
Duke Biochemist and Cancer Researcher

Congratulations to Duke biochemist and cancer researcher Paul Modrich, PhD, a 2015 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Clinical Practice Corner
Tips for Obtaining Prior Authorization

Establishing efficient protocols can help simplify the process

New and Noteworthy
New Pumps Offer Automated Glucose Monitoring, Insulin Dosing

"Smart" pumps enhance blood sugar, dietary management

Quick Case
Managing, Mitigating Risk With a Rare Familial Syndrome

MEN 2A increases risk of thyroid cancer, other endocrine tumors

Perspectives ASRM Conference Coverage

Duke was at the 2016 Scientific Congress & Expo of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine held October 18-21, in Salt Lake City. Read what you may have missed in our daily recaps.

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